New on Utomik - Song of Farca, Castle Secrets and Eco Mahjong!

This week we’re back from our summer holidays with a great narrative adventure game. Will you go for the obvious suspect, or will you dig a little deeper? The choices are all up to you...

Song of Farca

You get to be a detective who needs to solve crimes in Song of Farca. As Isabella Song, you live in a not-too-distant future, where technology is mandatory to go about your daily business. As a hacker-slash-private investigator, you are well-versed in collecting clues and evidence and drawing conclusions.

Navigate the different factions in your city and investigate all sorts of cases that are seemingly unrelated. You are on house arrest, after getting involved in a bar-fight. Yet, as we all know, you can also get your work done from home, provided you have access to the internet.

As you progress in the game, you’ll find that the stakes get higher and the unrelated cases hint at a bigger connection between them all. Once you have all the evidence, obvious suspects may stand out... or are they being framed by forces even more sinister and cynical than that? And what are the consequences of accusing the right or wrong one? The choices are yours to make, as are the consequences yours to bear. 

Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night

The Prophecies that predict the End of Days are coming true. The ancient order of the Hildegards has been fighting the forces of Evil since the beginning of time. They are now on the brink of defeat. The Head of the Order, Aaron Hildegard, is betrayed and kidnapped by his own brother. Beasts that were once hidden are creeping out of every crack. Most of the Knights have either fallen or they’ve been captured. It feels as though there is no hope. However, the Prophecy states that one day, a chosen hero will arrive at the castle of the once great Order. He will have to find the ancient weapon to turn the tides of war. 

Dive into the beautiful game of Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night, full of hand-drawn hidden object puzzles. Explore the castle full of secrets to end the war and save the world!

Eco Mahjong

The once beautiful and thriving town of Greenville is on the edge of an ecological catastrophe! Help restore the town and save the wildlife by removing the pollution, planting vegetation, and completing well-crafted mahjong puzzles. Enjoy 70 challenging mahjong puzzles and find all the bonus games in Eco Mahjong!

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Sep 3, 2021