New on Utomik - Spellcaster University, Legendary Mosaics and The Snow!

A weekend full of fantasy worlds awaits you! Alas, several curses have befallen the land, but luckily this time there are schools of magic involved! Who knows, your new pupils could be just what these worlds need to prevent further disaster!

Spellcaster University

Ever dreamed of running your own magic school? Now you can! In Spellcaster University, you get to be the director of a great and mighty institute; a school you create from scratch. You can educate druids in your newly founded school, teaching the value of life and balance in the world. However, nobody is stopping you from embracing the evil of necromancy and black magic either. Whatever you do, make sure that your star pupils have everything they need to graduate and become alumni that tell the tale of your great school—and get wayward students back on track in the local dungeon!

Spellcaster University is an enchanting game with so many options that every game you play is going to be different. Every time you create a school, it will be a completely new experience. In this game, you have to work with factions and run into many magical beasts like dragons and fauns, but you’ll also have to fend off the orcs. And what if your student turns out to be an ordinary peasant? Oh, the horror! 

Return time and time again to this world of magic; you won’t regret it!

Legendary Mosaics: The Dwarf and the Terrible Cat

The world needs saving, oh hero! You see, a wicked wizard of the forest cast an evil spell, and now the world is stuck in a state of perpetual darkness. We need your help to save fourteen fairies—now trapped in crystals—so that the evil spell can be lifted!

In Legendary Mosaics: The Dwarf and the Terrible Cat, you are the fateful dwarf who finds the scroll that tells you as much. Only fairy magic is able to defeat the evil curse. With your loyal companion, the Terrible Cat, you must venture out to save the world from its doom.

This game boasts a Night and Day mode. As you help the fairies through 100 color-coded nonograms, the look of the game is fully customizable. Legendary Mosaics is a gorgeous game, with music that will immerse you in a world of magic and wonder. Can you find the 40 bonus puzzles?

The Snow

In The Snow, yet another curse has come upon the land. Once, the kingdom flourished, but only a frozen wasteland remains now. Explore tons of levels and play great mini-games in this puzzle game. Work to lift the curse and restore balance back to the world! The Snow is a gorgeously hand-drawn point-and-click game that will keep you warm for hours.

Will you create the world’s greatest Spellcaster University, lift an evil curse of darkness in Legendary Mosaics: The Dwarf and the Terrible Cat, or save the world from a blizzard to be vanquished in The Snow?

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Oct 15, 2021