New on Utomik - Spitlings, Country Tales and The Enchanting Islands!

Interested in a challenging and deliciously chaotic platformer to play with friends? Check out the newest addition to the Utomik library: Spitlings.


In Spitlings, you and your friends live as colorful rectangular creatures in the big city. Everything’s great in Spitfield...except the weather. Imagine living in a place that rains nasty goop... To make sure that your home remains inhabitable, you have to clean it up fast. It just so happens that your tiny, squishy creatures have teeth and spit, and it’s super effective!

Spit your way through gorgeously designed levels, and ride high on chaos and fun as you and your friends work hard to clean your home level by level. Party Mode comes with additional fun, where the sky's the limit; you get to play upside-down and wear space helmets, to name only a few of many crazy mutators. Spitlings is a game at a frantic pace, but that’s part of the fun. Play solo, split-screen or through a local network with up to three friends, but beware; you all need to conquer a level together. If someone falls behind, you and your friends have to replay the level.

Country Tales

In Country Tales, you play Ted, a farmer who wanted more out of life and left for the big city to make that happen. After his education, he finds a job in the picturesque Sunset Hills as the Mayor’s assistant. Ted is now responsible for building and maintaining the homestead, but he must also make sure to stay on the Mayor’s good side. See, Ted has a big, big problem. He has fallen hopelessly in love with Catherine...the Mayor’s fiancée!

This casual time and resource management game offers 40 levels and countless quests to improve the town. You are faced with time challenges, while you meet fun characters and put bad guys behind bars along the way. Country Tales is addictive and engaging, and it can be as challenging as you want. Will Ted stay out of the Mayor’s crosshairs and get the girl?

The Enchanting Islands

An evil curse has been put upon the Enchanting Islands. Help a young enchantress save the fairytale realm in The Enchanting Islands, a captivating Match-3 puzzle adventure! Gather elements by making matching groups of three or more, and save the Enchanting Islands before this magical land is lost to darkness forever.

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Aug 13, 2021