New on Utomik: Still Not Dead and more!

Still Not Dead is a great Indie gem that really brings back the excitement and dread that Doom could invoke. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, so the devs really must have hit gold with this one! Even though you’ll never know where your enemies are, by always being on top of your game and naturally some skill in first person shooters you’ll have a fair chance to survive.

And, survival is essential, because this game is a roguelite. This means that if you die, you’ll stay dead. Still Not Dead merges fast satisfying gunplay with open stages, insane weaponry, tactical choice and being pursued by death itself. The unique blessing and curse system, plus unlockable skill skulls set the game apart from everything else.

And we have more this week! To calm your nerves after fighting hordes of enemies, you can relax with some puzzles, or get into a nice flow with our latest time-management challenge. Have fun!

Puzzle your way through the biggest “Doodle” game ever made in Doodle Mafia. Over 500 puzzles to solve and items to create! Choose whether you play as a Crime Boss or a Cop and enjoy the hard-nosed storylines and play modes.

Rose Riddle needs to solve the mystery of her missing parents and uncover the secrets of her past. Rose Riddle: The Fairytale Detective Collector’s Edition is a great top-down time management game, with a fresh new story. Help Rose to navigate the fairytale realm in a series of challenging levels and her race against the clock!

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May 22, 2020