New on Utomik: The Eternal Castle, and more…

The first of the games we’ve added to our collection this Friday is The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED]. The game is a remake of the original "ETERNAL CASTLE" from 1987, with additional game mechanics, sophisticated sound design, polished 2-bit CGA animated graphics, and modernized game design. When you first see the graphics, you may feel this is yet another cheap shot to profit for the trend of exploiting retro games, right? In this particular case, you will be proven delightfully wrong. The Eternal Castle is a Another World's long-lost, semi-fictional sibling. The developers really managed to pull this little jewel back from the brink of oblivion.

Next we have a new time-management game for the fans of the genre. Moai 6 brings you a new adventure on our paradise island Tapa-Tui, with our friends Hika-Ri and Kao-Ri. A boat brings new visitors to the island at the same time as the island’s resources are disappearing. Let’s find out what’s happening here...

Lastly we have a cute little platform game for the entire family. Help poor little Turtix to fix the amulet he broke, or his friends will get blamed for it. Enjoy hopping around through colorful levels and challenges.

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Aug 21, 2020