New on Utomik: The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day, and more...

The first game we present to you this Friday, is an intriguing story about a robot in a post-apocalyptic world. The human race has been wiped out ages ago in devastating wars. In The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day, you join RT-217NP, an engineering robot, on a search for the truth. But, how do you make moral choices in a world devoid of morality and with only logic to guide your actions? Prepare for the first of a two-part narrative that will certainly have you experience free will and making choices in a new light.

Secondly, you really should store your lasagna somewhere safe and prepare to take Garfield, Odie and Jon for a spin around the tracks in Garfield Kart. Everyone’s favorite ginger fuzzball stars in a hilarious and fun karting game for the entire family!

Next, you get to test your limits in ITTA, a bullet-hell, boss-rush style adventure. Armed with her father’s revolver and guided by a strange ghostly cat, a displaced girl must battle her way through impossible trials in search of answers… and peace.

Enjoy the best of the beloved time-management series in the epic Weather Lord: Following the Princess Collector's Edition. An old nemesis returns, but is only heralding something even more malevolent. It’s again up to you to command the weather and stop a relentless force from destroying the magical Kingdom of Lorraine!

Last but not least, you get to play your cards right and you might escape the zombie apocalypse! Biting humor and fun card-game action await you in Zombie Solitaire. This game combines the evergreen card game with a truly hilarious story about saving the town from the slobbering brain-eating menace.

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Nov 6, 2020