New on Utomik - This is the Police 2, The Signifier, and more!!

Today, we have a great THQ game for you to play. This is the Police 2 is the grim sequel to the acclaimed police game. With a dark narrative, tense conflicts and having to manage your own team, you get to decide just what kind of sheriff you want to be in the non-existing rural town Sharpwood.

This is the Police 2

Welcome to Sharpwood, a cold and harsh border town riven with violence, where no one is completely innocent. Smugglers, gangs, and screaming populists call this town their home. To maintain peace and order, the young sheriff Lilly Reed (Sarah Hamilton, The Longest Journey) will have to team up with fugitive criminal Jack Boyd (Jon St. John, Duke Nukem), and pray that her dangerous plan doesn’t spiral out of control.

In order to restore the peace in Sharpwood, you need to really gain control of the police department. This is harder than it looks. Your subordinates are people with a mind of their own, and so you’ll have to balance their wants and needs against the greater good. In this game, you get to interpret the law as you see fit. Collect evidence, study case materials, interrogate suspects (or use more... forceful methods) and send the criminals to court. And if the suspect was innocent? Perhaps it's time to find out if any Sharpwood judges can be bought.

You’ll have to make tough decisions – and try to keep out of prison yourself! – in this story-driven mixture of adventure, strategy, and turn-based tactical combat. Is it a simulation? A management game? A tactical challenge? A visual novel? A puzzle? It’s all of these, and more!

The Signifier

Journey from the real world into the surreal realms of objective memories and subjective experiences in The Signifier, a psychological thriller. Experimental parapsychology, artificial intelligence, and technology intersect to solve puzzles, unravel dialog, and seek the truth.

Rescue Team 8

It’s time to use your time-management skills to keep all the animals safe again in Rescue Team 8. When a notorious poacher steals every animal off a reserve, FEMA calls in the Rescue Team to save the day. Lead the way to safety after disaster strikes and the Rescue Team faces dangers both natural and manmade!

Sky Kingdoms

Strategy and action come together like never before in Sky Kingdoms, an explosively fun match-three marble-popper! Take to the air and explore a breathtaking fantasy world suspended above oceans and mountains. Use your cannon to fire colored spheres at rolling marbles in an attempt to create matches and destroy the orbs.

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Mar 26, 2021