New on Utomik - Tiny Lands, Golden Rails 2 and Trailer Trashers!

Tiny Lands

Remember when you enjoyed those spot-the-difference puzzles in the newspapers? Great news: we now have Tiny Lands on Utomik, with gorgeous 3D dioramas!

This game offers you lovely detailed little 3D-segments of life that you can rotate or zoom to your heart's content. Your objective? To find the differences. Simply click them when you find them and they’ll be highlighted with a golden glow. The game has no timer, punishment or pressure, so it is the perfect way to relax and sit back with a very enjoyable little game.

Like Dorfromantik, a recent wholesome puzzle game hit, this game offers little in the way of settings or challenges. Instead it offers a very chill original soundtrack, bright and beautiful art and the most easy-going gameplay we could find. The game offers you 5 worlds, with 10 puzzles each for your enjoyment. That’s 50 worlds of relaxing fun!

Golden Rails: Small Town Story Collector's Edition

The Old West meets the New Frontier as you build a railroad that stretches across America, and fight to put a trigger-happy bandit behind bars! After saving a local mayor from certain doom, Jack and Jill begin a mission to build a railroad that connects their small town to the civilized world. But as they master the unforgiving terrain, Raging Buford and his band of thieves stand in their way at every turn.

In Golden Rails: Small Town Story Collector's Edition, you get to put your time-management skills to the test! Aim to be the first to build the rails everyone is waiting for. Using a simple but innovative bonus system that allows you to choose the best strategy for completing a level, you'll have to work smart to rebuild settlements and think fast to keep the outlaws at bay. Along the way, you'll recruit the help of Native Americans, overcome clever challenges and unlock surprising twists in the entertaining story!

Trailer Trashers

Don't forget to bring dad's shotgun, because today's game is Trailer Trashers. A violently funny twin stick game that lets you relive a shortened childhood. Best enjoyed with a controller and friends at home or vs. ruthless bots. All bullets will bounce off the walls, giving the bots no place to hide, but watch out since your bullets might end up biting you in the ass! 

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Jul 16, 2021