New on Utomik: Train Valley 2, Sugar Crime and Fill And Cross!

Managing trains has never been this chill! Train Valley 2 has made its way to Utomik. Whether you’ve played the previous game or not, Train Valley 2 has a ton of content to enjoy for everyone around. Apart from that, we also have Sugar Crime—an oddly familiar match-3 game—and Fill And Cross: World Contest. 

Train Valley 2

We already loved Train Valley, but now we’re happy to announce that Train Valley 2 is also on Utomik! This (train) tycoon puzzle game is a perfect hybrid between time management and, well, a good puzzle game.

The game looks better than ever, with soft, cute low-poly graphics and colors. Deceptively so, because some of these logistical problems can get pretty intense. It’s not just about the destination, it’s definitely also about the locomotives. And the train cars. And much more. But don’t worry, at the end of the day it’s about relaxing and watching your valley’s cities flourish.

Sugar Crime

Sugar Crime features over 100 colorful match-3 levels and a straightforward story. All the candy has disappeared, but luckily two noble heroes rise up! Definitely not because they have a sweet tooth, no Sir. Help Zack and Lou hand out candy to the other kids while trying to solve the mystery. Candy can’t be crushed like this!

Fill And Cross: World Contest

No gambling here! In Fill And Cross: World Contest, you enter the most exclusive casino around to solve… nonary puzzles. Charming, Chinese-inspired music accompanied us through the dozens of levels the game has to offer. If we’re being honest, those hours went by way too quickly.

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Mar 4, 2022