New on Utomik: Wars Across the World, Turnip Boy DLC and more

Come with us to faraway lands this week! Battle one of many famous historical battles, save a world of magical islands, with mahjong, help the dwarves fend off the trolls, or board the train at Sunset Station.

Wars Across the World

Immerse yourself into the Wars Across the World; a battlefield game that plays like a board game. As you take control of armies across history, you must face off against threats once featured in your history books. And all on an epic soundtrack! Draw new cards at the start of your turn, then collect income and purchase new cards. Don't forget to make sure that your units have all they need or they'll face certain death! Then, when you're ready, move your troops across the board and prepare for battle.

Your objective in this game is to win the battle and earn victory points. Wars Across the World comes with ten scenarios, and each of them has a unique look and feel. If you feel like a game of Risk but don't want to be tied to a table for two hours, then this is your game!

Mahjong Magic Islands

Fly away to a magic school in Mahjong Magic Islands. As the magician of the hour, you are tasked with restoring the beauty of the land with new energy. Unlock magical components used for the necessary items and spells by clearing mahjong puzzles, and unlock portals to other worlds which also need your help! Mahjong Magic Islands gives you multiple mahjong tile designs to pick from, and positively charming music. Will your mahjong skills save the world?

Royal Defense

The dwarves of Royal Defense are builders through-and-through. They take pride in all their settlements. Imagine their dread as hordes of trolls seek to break down everything they've built! In this fantasy tower defense, you get to help the dwarves stop the trolls. Use potent spells and build ever more powerful towers to ward off the invaders. Don't forget to upgrade your units regularly! In 60 levels and 3 difficulty levels, teach those pesky trolls who's boss!

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion - The Sunset Station DLC

Cute just got a whole lot weirder! Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, one of our favorite games on Utomik, has been upgraded with the Sunset Station DLC! Take the train at Sunset Station and enter an infinite world of wagon dungeons. In this rogue-lite DLC, you get to battle new enemies (and familiar, buffed ones), find new trinkets, and ultimately face off with Conductor Onion!

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Dec 24, 2021