New: Partisans 1941, Mystery Loss, Fill And Cross: Trick or Treat!

The heat is on this week! Utomik offers you a trip into history and the opportunity to join the resistance of the Russian militia. World War II was a fight on many fronts, and that of the partisans is a story worth experiencing for yourself. But if you prefer to game in peacetime, we’ve got you covered with two puzzle games too!

Partisans 1941

Take up the fight behind enemy lines of World War II. In Partisans 1941, you step into the shoes of Red Army commander Alexey Zorin. You've just escaped a nazi prison camp, but the war is far from over. Gather a squad of resistance fighters and get back into the fight.

Your Russian militia grows with every mission you complete. This real-time tactics game gives you an arsenal of weapons and fighters to pick from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Stop your enemies with smart maneuvers and cut them off at the heel, but don't forget to grow the resistance camp where your squad can recover and become better during downtime. Partisans 1941 is an immersive story-driven game that brings you right into the action on a human scale. Experience the thrill and dangers of the resistance for yourself!

Mystery Loss

Mystery Loss is a hidden object game with match-3 levels and a simple but charming story. Join grandma and her cat Leonardo on their quest to find back a beloved canary. Fortunately, this isn’t just any granny! As a former detective, she has years of experience and many tricks up her sleeve. Time to dust off granny’s gumshoe hat and jump into 200 levels worth of twists and turns…

Fill And Cross: Trick or Treat!

For some of us, Halloween is an all-season thing. Why limit yourself to once a year? Fill And Cross: Trick or Treat is a spooky nonary puzzle game with over a hundred levels to enjoy. Gain the favor of the ghosts and earn yourself some sweet, sweet candy!

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Jan 21, 2022