New this week: Arcade Paradise and more. Play away!

We’ve got three new games for you this week. Actually, that’s a lie. After all, with Arcade Paradise, you get access to an entire library of playable retro games on the side, all while playing a game where your goal is to become the best arcade in town! So how about a round of good-old solitaire? Just don’t forget that you’re actually supposed to make sure your business is booming somewhere along the lines, too.

New games without that requirement are World for Two—where you’ll restore a dead world by collecting DNA—and The Chronicles of Joseph of Egypt, where you overcome hardship through the power of puzzles. Let’s have a look at each game!

Arcade Paradise

Okay, we'll admit it: you won't be entering the valhalla of arcade gaming right away. But it's as much about the journey as it is about the destination! Turn a rundown laundromat business into a booming Arcade Paradise. With over 35 arcade machines to choose from, your own worldly patch of arcade heaven will be tailored to what you like to see. After all, you're the one buying the machines! From early vector games to 32-bit goodness, there are loads of games and styles to choose from—they are all fully playable too, with high scores to set and achievements to unlock.

What are you waiting for? Put your favorite faux-90's song on the jukebox (yes, really), and enjoy the cozy, rich atmosphere of this modern retro tale. Just...keep shuffling those songs. The dial-up internet might take a while to get going, but we're working on it.

World for Two

Waking up as an android in a dead world, you have but one task: restore the world. In World for Two, the last remaining human is thankfully a professor, and he has a plan to fix what was broken. There's just one problem: he can't get outside. So now it's up to you, the android he created, to gather DNA and give natural evolution a helping hand. Venture out into four different environments—the bog, the forest, the dunes, and the ruins—and witness the birth of the tiniest first amoeba down to a full-on shark. With 60 animals at your disposal, will you be able to breathe life into the world once again?

This beautifully crafted pixel art side-scroller game takes place in a surprisingly relaxing post-apocalypse. Discover more about the world as you go, and build a better place for tomorrow.

The Chronicles of Joseph of Egypt

In a story as old as time, Joseph gets sold into slavery in Egypt. But as you match-3 for his life, you'll find that not all is lost! Help Joseph shake off his bonds and become the savior of Egypt in The Chronicles of Joseph of Egypt. Includes 20 scenes and a soundtrack you can listen to for hours.

What will it be this week? Are you going to hit your own arcade, restore life to a dead world, or maybe save Joseph from his ill fate?

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Aug 12, 2022