New this week: Kingdom Two Crowns and more. Play away!

With the current heat waves all across the world, you could be looking for something to cool you down. If that’s the case, gear up for Kingdom Two Crowns—a beautiful strategy game with a blissful lack of sunshine.

Unless you’re all-in and are here to enjoy summer to the max. Then, might we recommend a cruise with Claire’s Cruisin’ Cafe 2: High Seas Cuisine? It’s hard work, but you can enjoy those virtual vacation vibes in the shade from the comfort of your own home. You could also just go on vacation without any of the travel hassle altogether and dive straight into your summer vacation with Travel Mosaics 4: Adventures in Rio. Stay inside, this weekend. We’ve got you covered.

Kingdom Two Crowns

Saddle up as the king without a kingdom, and build your own realm from the ground up. Kingdom Two Crowns is a micro-strategy game in which your goal is to gather gold and recruit new subjects, while expanding on your buildings until it is a settlement truly worthy of your presence. Simple, right? But beware; the enemies come out at night. If you don't make the right decisions, you might soon find yourself without a crown...and then without your life. After all, what is a king without a crown?

The controls and gameplay of this side-scroller are easy to master, and the details of its beautiful pixel graphics really help bring the game to life. Build, expand, defend; once you get started, we promise you that Kingdom Two Crowns will make you lose track of time. Play this great new game now on Utomik.

Claire's Cruisin' Cafe 2: High Seas Cuisine

Claire's next grand adventure may or may not be smooth sailing, depending on how well you can manage the many famished customers! Board the luxury cruise, but not for an all-inclusive vacation—you're here to serve. From serving up smiles to the most delicious meals, it's up to you to help Claire fill some empty stomachs. Claire's Cruisin' Cafe: High Seas Cuisine will have you become a chef the Seven Seas can be proud of!

Travel Mosaics 4: Adventures in Rio

Solved all the nonograms on the previous trips of the Walkers? This time, we're off to explore Rio! Settle into your most comfortable chair, grab a caipirinha, and crack your knuckles: it's time to puzzle! In Travel Mosaics 4: Adventures in Rio, you'll join the Walker family on their trip to the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro. Learn interesting facts about the city while tackling over 140 colorful nonograms. The perfect game for summertime!

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Aug 5, 2022