New this week: Martha is Dead, match3, and puzzles. Play away!

Take a stroll in sunny Tuscany, this summer… but beware, because the Tuscany we feature this week is the stage for a psychological horror. That means gorgeous sceneries, but also a haunting(ly beautiful) tale. Too much? We offer some adventures in Greece as well, and even some in your own fantasy backyard. Let’s dive into your possible destinations!

Martha is Dead

Down by the lake at her family's home, Giulia finds her lost twin sister. Dead. Step into the dark psychological thriller that is Martha is Dead, a powerful and critically acclaimed story set in Tuscany, Italy, in the final throes of the Second World War. Giulia finds herself mistaken for her dead sister and in a moment of weakness she keeps up the charade, not yet aware of how momentous this decision will turn out to be. As she desperately searches for answers about her sister, her dreams and reality start to blur together. What happened to Martha? And what is real anymore?

Martha is Dead is a beautiful game, but also a haunting one. With themes of death and body horror, it may not be for everyone. For those who take the plunge, it offers beautiful gameplay in the form of historically accurate photography, as well as tarot cards and marionette puppeteering that give a peek into Giulia's increasingly unstable psyche. You can finish this narrative game in under ten hours. It will stay on your mind a lot longer than that.

The Adventures of Jason and the Argonauts

Travel beyond the ends of the world with this new match3 game! The Greek heroes of legends will want to borrow your strength in order to find the fabled Golden Fleece. Just be careful to not end up at the eternal hunting grounds, yourself… But hey, what’s a little danger if it means you even get to design your own city? Join The Adventures of Jason and the Argonauts!

Hiddenverse: The Iron Tower

Nothing is inherently good or evil, they say. Unless your name is Lord Marcus. Then you’re pretty evil. The great steampunk mechanicus Leonardo has been kidnapped by him, and now he’s forced to work on the most evil machinery around! Sneak into Hiddenverse: The Iron Tower, save Leonardo, and stop the evil masterplan! With many objects to find and puzzles to solve on your way, you have your work cut out for you.

Will you discover the truth behind Martha’s death? Or will your challenges lie in puzzles instead? Whatever your choice may be, take in this week’s new adventures in the Utomik games library, your gaming subscription for PC games!

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Jul 15, 2022