New this week: Quantum Replica and more. Play away!

Looking for some cool vibes to beat the heat? This week we got Quantum Replica for you, a cyberpunk adventure set in a sinister city—but only sinister if you look beyond the bright lights, of course. If you’d rather explore a colorful fairy tale world, A Tale For Anna will be just what you need. And if you’re looking for an old (or new) favorite, Rescue Team 12: Power Eaters just arrived with the whole squad. Let’s dig in!

Quantum Replica

We’ve got a slice of cyberpunk heaven for you—even though the game setting itself is more of a cyberpunk hell. While your objective is to bend the will of the dirty corporate alliance, the Syndicate, you will have to bend time, first. Quantum Replica is a fast-paced adventure game with stealth mechanics and advanced gadgets at its core. 

In the year of 2084, a number of things have gone terribly wrong. Both in the grand scheme of things and for yourself personally, there is a lot to figure out. Explore the 5 (neon-) colored  districts, throw the government off your tail, and infiltrate their homebase to learn more about how dark the city truly is without all the bright lights. You may even learn more about yourself. Who are you, really, anyway?

A Tale For Anna

A Tale For Anna is worth your time for the beautiful art alone. Join Anna and jump into a magical fairytale world, chock-full with puzzles and familiar faces! The plot thickens as the evil Queen attempts to steal Anna’s magic, but why is she so set on chasing the poor girl down, anyway? Make fast friends with the most charming of magical creatures and discover the many secrets scattered along your path like bread crumbs.

Rescue Team 12: Power Eaters

Long time no rescue! Are you ready to build bridges rather than burn them, and save the world from a dark robot overlord? An electrifying adventure awaits you in Rescue Team 12: Power Eaters! The little scraps of metal crawling all over the place are known as the titular Power Eaters. They’re making your job a lot harder, wreaking havoc and causing power surges wherever they go. Carefully plan your rescue operation around these buggers and find out who the real culprit is!

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Jul 22, 2022