Play away on Utomik: Legends of Ethernal and more!

If you about started to miss your classic 2D platformers, you’re in for a treat by Natsume! Legends of Ethernal (that’s not a typo) has dashed over to Utomik. This modern-look, classic-feel game brings its own personality and various gameplay elements to mess with. If you’re more in the mood for some B-horror mystery or stories of ancient Greece, we have that, too!

Legends of Ethernal

Uncover the truth behind your family’s disappearance and explore the beautifully hand-crafted World of Arkanys. The story and characters of Legends of Ethernal develop as you learn more about its mysteries. While you’ll encounter puzzles and bosses that ask various strategies of you, the game offers a hardcore mode for those that seek a challenge, and a relaxed mode for chill exploration and completionists.

Besides the 2D platforming elements, metroidvania aspects also get borrowed for a more layered gameplay. Use weapons and items you find on your adventure to make your adventure that much more interesting, but don’t forget there’s also a crafting system to try your hand at.

Showing Tonight - Mindhunters Incident

Surely horror B-movies aren’t that boring? Regardless of if it was or wasn’t, you’ve found yourself trapped inside of one you know all too well. Use your detective skills to solve the puzzles and mysteries of the missing crew and finish the movie with your own hands. Where will the soundwaves around Shutterville lead you? Find out tonight at 8PM in Showing Tonight - Mindhunters Incident.

The Adventures of Perseus

Follow The Adventures of Perseus throughout the ancient Greece of myths! This stylish match-3 game features gorgeous paintings and scenery. Become part of the tales of old and help with rebuilding the city, but will you be able to win the favor of the Gods as well? For those of you born with the blood of legends running through their veins, there are various difficulty modes and mini games to spice up the gameplay.

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Jun 17, 2022