Play Desert Child now on Utomik!

Are you a fan of lo-fi beats, high-speed bikes, and ramen?? Then read on for more about Desert Child, our latest day one release on Utomik!

You’re hungry, broke, and all you have is your beloved vintage racing bike and a bowl of ramen to call a friend. It’s time to make a better life for yourself on a new planet by winning races, completing bounties and even delivering pizzas - anything to get your ticket out of here!

A mix between high-speed racing with a dash of shmup, traditional adventure, and an amazing soundtrack make this one worth checking out!

Take on this Akira and Cowboy Bebop inspired adventure on Utomik today. We’ll see you on Mars!

“A clever mix of intense shmup combat and traditional adventure games, and a killer soundtrack, Desert Child is definitely one to watch.” - IGN

“Desert child seems like the weird hip-hop racing RPG I didn’t know I wanted” - Gamerevolution

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Dec 11, 2018

Add milk or lemon to tea? That would depend on the tea!