Play now on Utomik: Apico and more!

Hold onto your bees: Apico just released on Utomik! As a Day One game, you can be one of the first people to play the full beekeeping game right now. And after your farming needs are all met, let’s dive into some good old casual puzzlers. This week, we come bearing great fun!


Leave the city life behind you and return to your family in Port Apico to help them keep their bees. You get to play our newest game Apico on Utomik from day one. In this beekeeping sim game, you must chop trees, gather your resources, and gradually begin your beekeeping empire. There is plenty to do! With different kinds of bees and an array of different tools, you'll be plucking flowers one day and saving a bee culture from dying out the next.

The in-game tutorial helps you on your way, and then it's up to you. Apico is a very laid-back game with simple mechanics that are easy to grasp. Maybe that's why it's so addictive? In a world that is procedurally generated, mini-games mix up your regular apiculturing (beekeeping) day. Become a honeybee bigshot, but do it at your own pace.

Apico is another gem from our friends at Whitethorn Games. To celebrate Apico’s release, we made a compilation of other great Whitethorn titles available on Utomik for you.

Hiddenverse: Ariadna Dreaming

The next entry of the Hiddenverse is here with Hiddenverse: Ariadna Dreaming! With great power comes great responsibility, and with actions come consequences. It's now up to the team to stop Ariadne and prevent disaster. You will need sharp skills to help Seuss and friends overcome the many mini-games in this hidden object adventure!

Rescue Quest Gold

A new match-3 adventure awaits you in Rescue Quest Gold! Fans of the genre may recognize the name; this is a loving remaster with over 200 levels and new gimmicks and improvements. Join the magical twins Zap and Boom and save the Spritelings from evil! Ready for greater evil than ever before? Expert difficulty is for you!

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May 20, 2022