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This weekend, the alien world of Source opens its borders to you and your partner in the gorgeous and critically acclaimed RPG Haven. Sail through the skies, clear out the disease that eats away at the world, and build a new home together. After you’ve explored Source, you get to wind down with some good old puzzle games. Try The Lost Kingdom Prophecy and Shopping Clutter: The Best Playground. Let’s have a closer look at the three newest titles in our games library!


Looking for an RPG that is just a little bit different from everything you've played before? Meet Haven. Haven tells the story of Yu and Kay, who fled their homeworld after they fell in love in a society that would have never let them be together. Their new home is the abandoned planet Source, which is a gorgeous pastel-tinted color world that suffers from a taint called Rust. As Yu and Kay, you have to survive on this new planet, while dealing with the Rust and restoring your ship. You may have found an uninhabited world to live in, but the world from whence you came is not going to let you go just like that!

Haven has received lots of praise for its main characters. Yu and Kay may have already found each other before, but a large part of the game is about how they interact and how they grow together. Different choices you make will influence the game, from wholesome moments with your partner at your ship, down to the game's multiple endings.

So put on your anti-gravity boosts, sail on the streams of a mysterious energy source called Flow as you explore the new world, and find a way to be together forever.

The Lost Kingdom Prophecy

The future of the Kingdom of Rosefal hangs in the balance. The Tree of Life is a mystical tree that safeguards peace between mankind and the Elementals, but the corruption of the evil wizard has stopped it from blooming! Can you solve the threats against The Lost Kingdom Prophecy through a myriad of fun Match-3 and Hidden Object challenges? Serena and her kingdom depend on you!

Shopping Clutter: The Best Playground

You may have met the Walker family before in the Travel Mosaics series, but they need your help once again! In Shopping Clutter: The Best Playground, Mom and Dad Walker have everything to create the perfect playground for their children, but they need you to declutter it. Solve a range of fun puzzles in this beautifully illustrated game that's perfect for fans of casual games!

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May 6, 2022