Play on Utomik now: Cris Tales and more!

If you celebrated, we hope you had a wonderful Halloween! Regardless of the trick or treating, we bring some more treats in the form of games this week as well. Releasing today is Cris Tales, a homage to JRPGs drawing inspiration from the classics. It’s totally modern, however, and has its own unique mechanisms, including a split screen to help you see past, present and future. What we also see in your future: New Yankee 11: Battle for the Bride and Travel Mosaics 7: Fantastic Berlin. Let’s take off!

Cris Tales

A dark, fairy tale world faces a grim future… and we don’t mean Grimm, but actually grim. Accompany the newly awakened time mage Crisbell and her magical friends as they fight to save their colorful world in Cris Tales. The evil Time Empress does not play around, but neither does the newbie hero. Rewrite past, present and future and watch all timelines play out on your screen dynamically as you go. Use the past and present to sway the future outcome of the battle in your favor! But beware, your actions have far-reaching consequences, affecting the places you go and the people you met or will meet. 

New Yankee 11: Battle for the Bride

This motley group of royals has a noble goal, but they’re enlisting your help! In order to save the daughter of Sir Lancaster, they will have to stop their marriage from ever happening. What stands in their way, though, are a number of colorful time management levels and minigames, and one very, very greedy knight. New Yankee 11: Battle for the Bride brings new challenges and upgrades to the (round) table, and hours of good old fun to be had. 

Travel Mosaics 7: Fantastic Berlin

Touchdown! The Walker family has arrived in Berlin with new factoids and puzzles. Travel Mosaics 7: Fantastic Berlin will offer you a small holiday getaway at the end of your rainy days. Explore the beautiful capital city of Germany, learn something new and wrack your brain from the comfort of your own home! Did you know Berlin is 9 times the size of Paris? There’s so much to discover!

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Nov 4, 2022