Play on Utomik now: Necrosmith, Our World Is Ended and more!

We’ve got the most adorable necromancer game for you this weekend! Sit back, enjoy the enchanting fantasy world, and cause chaos with your own funky creations. We move from dark but cute, to even darker with Our World Is Ended. This game about degenerate outcasts forces them to make choices they didn’t think they’d ever have to make. Another choice has to be made in Exorcist, our final PC release for this week. Will you save the little girl from her demons? Be smart about it, regardless of which games you try this week. 

Let’s shed some more light on these grim games.


Become the darkest of necromancers with the most pristinely white of kittens! You know, to balance things out.

In Necrosmith, you get to take residence in your own mighty tower and fuse creature parts together to create new monstrosities. For a good cause, of course. How else will you take on the hordes of enemies, make gold, build labs and escape this strange world? 

The music and pixel art style for this game is adorable and extremely clean, really driving home the dark fantasy theme without being too dangerous. After all, the dead aren’t exactly smart… Maybe we should use some different parts next time.

Our World Is Ended

Our World Is Ended is a colorful visual novel game with derogate characters. No, seriously. They’d have to be, because they’re working for a dangerous and filthy video game developer. Overtime and underpaid employees won’t be the worst sins committed in this game. Yet these problematic misfits will have to band together to save their real world, for it has not yet ended.


Find your way through a remote house in a forest, far removed from society, in Exorcist. If you have any hopes of saving the little girl you set out to exorcize, you will need to explore every unsettling corner of the estate and use your supernatural powers to move forward. Pay close attention to your surroundings to find the keys and clues needed.

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Dec 29, 2022