Play on Utomik now: Rain World, Baking Bustle 2 and more!

It’s been quite rainy over here, so we thought it would be a good idea to release Rain World today to accompany the weather. In this game, you’re much too cute to die, but the other monsters don’t seem to have gotten that memo. Our other releases this week include new stores to open in Baking Bustle 2: Ashley's Dream, and another addition to the Walker family’s puzzle adventures in Shopping Clutter 4: A Perfect Thanksgiving! Let’s jump in.

Rain World

Being both the predator and the prey out here is pretty rough, especially as a cute little cat. Errr, slug. Slugcat. In order to survive, you’ll have to brave the toxic wasteland for food and other necessities… but many others have the same idea, and slugcats look like a nice little snack.

After a devastating flood, you are separated from your family and left all alone. Ever stranger creatures await as you explore a world teeming with life that’s also ready to devour you whole. With a single weapon, your wits, and your incredibly cute looks, you’ll have to find a way to make it through alive. Maybe you can even find your family back… If the downpour doesn’t drown you first. Stealth and knowledge of the messy ecosystem are the keys to survival in Rain World. Hundreds of areas and a dozen regions await you, are you up for the challenge? Even if not, the game is gorgeous and we highly recommend looking at all the pretty art and colors.

Baking Bustle 2: Ashley's Dream

Build a culinary empire together with Ashley and help her make her dream into reality! Who knows, along the way it may become a little bit of your own dream, too? Start from a single, humble eatery and expand to a successful restaurant chain through hard work and expert time management skills. With both timed and untimed challenges, even newcomers can enjoy the genre with Baking Bustle 2: Ashley’s Dream. What kinds of delicious foods will you be serving up?

Shopping Clutter 4: A Perfect Thanksgiving

Okay, our timing is slightly off with this one, but on the bright side: some of us are always in the mood for Thanksgiving. It’s always good to count your blessings. And your turkey. Yum. Create your own holiday traditions alongside the Walker family with Shopping Clutter 4: A Perfect Thanksgiving. Piece together over 150 colorful puzzles! Laidback fun for anyone, with charming dialogues to accompany it.

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Sep 30, 2022