Play on Utomik now: Star Renegades, Razed, and more

We’ve got a lot of danger lined up for you this week, and we hope you’re ready to dive right in alongside us. First up we have Star Renegades, a spacey roguelite packed with action, trial and error. Speaking of trial and error, Razed picks up the pace with that and much more as you speed to the finish line. Slightly more relaxing but still very dangerous: The Others, where it’s up to you to solve the mystery amidst many, many puzzles. And lastly, Tropical Fish Shop 2, where the only real mystery will be which fishies will sell, and which won’t! 

Star Renegades

Get ready for an intergalactic roguelite coming soon near you! Actually, it already landed, because Star Renegades is part of our latest Friday releases.

If you knew that your dimension is in very real danger of being invaded and overwhelmed by an opposing force, would you not jump straight into the action? With only the hints of a tiny robot ally to guide you, it's time to do whatever is in your power to stop impending doom from actually happening. The beauty of the roguelite system here is that it will allow you to learn and adapt, and try again with a new group of heroes over in the next dimension. Survive the onslaught and do whatever it takes to put a stop to the evil!


Blast through the world of Razed, a speedrunning platformer where speed is your friend—and standing still is not. In this game, you must escape from an antagonist named the Developer, wearing shoes that will literally explode as soon as your energy is depleted. Keep running and pick up gems to build up energy, but be warned: slowing down and using abilities will cost you. Unlock new abilities and strafe, burst, jump, and stomp through 60 colorful levels with a killer soundtrack. Razed is unforgiving and you will die. A lot. But clearing level after level is absolutely worth it. Can you set the high score?

The Others

You’ll find mystery and danger aplenty in The Others, a dark puzzle game where a toymaker and all of the factory's workers disappear overnight. As detective Mary Bingham, it's up to you to uncover the truth. You'll find that the town has many secrets. And what is this strange figure in black that keeps showing up? Is it a friend...or a foe?

Tropical Fish Shop 2

After stumbling upon treasure, Annabel and Harold have moved their pet store into a much bigger building. Now, the new space needs fish! In our newest casual puzzle game Tropical Fish Shop 2, you must dive into the deep sea and swim through magical undersea wrecks. Defeat the many match-3 challenges, and bring back colorful new fish and other sea creatures.

Will you be heading into space or picking up the pace? Or perhaps you’d rather look into fishy mysteries or set up an actual fish shop?

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Sep 23, 2022