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Whether you’re in the mood for some seek or for some destroy, we’ve got you covered this weekend. Enjoy Tears of Avia with its rich RPG elements and a story which can lead down the path of destruction or hope for the future.
If you’d rather not make the hard choices, you can help Ariadne seek out ways to save worlds from a multiverse in Hiddenverse: Rise Of Ariadna, or seek your way out of the titular, mysterious maze of The Lost Labyrinth.

Tears of Avia

Choose your Seeker. Choose your fate.

Tears of Avia is a strategy RPG with 5 main characters to choose from! Once you’ve picked your leader, it’s time to assemble your classic RPG party and set out. No battle will play out the same thanks to the varying team compositions and joint attacks as you explore the world of Estera and all the mysteries it holds. From the vibrant forests we all know and love, to forgotten tombs and bustling cities, every corner has its own surprises in store for you. Dialogue is brimming with personality, and the choices you make directly affect the current events and the fate of the world.

Will you lead Estera down the path of hope or despair?

Hiddenverse: Rise Of Ariadna

Join Ariadna and tap into her inner power in Hiddenverse: Rise Of Ariadna! It’s time to help out not one world, but many worlds: this time as a regulator. In order for every living creature to live their life peacefully, they will need a hand from the heroine herself. Ariadna is the only one who can help keep their worlds from falling into chaos, but she will need a little help from expert hidden object game players to see the story to its proper ending.

The Lost Labyrinth 

After waking up, Sophie finds herself lost and surrounded by tormented creatures. This adventure takes you to an enchanting labyrinth, but beware: it’s cursed. Find your own way through the intricate maze, where the eerie atmosphere is balanced out by the colorful match-3 tiles. You’ll have to face dark forces to learn more about The Lost Labyrinth, but just how real is any of this?

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Dec 2, 2022