Play on Utomik now: The Plane Effect, ConnecTank and more!

Happy holidays from all of us at Utomik! Our featured release is an immersive story experience: The Plane Effect. You might want to save this one for after the holiday season, as it’s not as comforting as our other two games this time around. 

This weekend we also bring some co-op fun for the whole family with ConnecTank and a quiet night of puzzles with Travel Mosaics 8: Breathtaking Seoul (with factoids to surprise friends).

Let’s have a look!

The Plane Effect

It’s time to clock out and return home, if you can.

What if at the end of your workday, you’re met with a cosmic anomaly? You must return home, guided by familiar and unfamiliar sounds as the world around you falls apart. Will there even be anything left by the time you get home? Only time will tell.

The Plane Effect turns old town roads into vast oceans and the usual way home into a shadowy labyrinth. But you are followed by something abstract and alien, so you had best not turn back. The paths once so familiar are now fraught with riddles and puzzles, is home even what you think it is? And who will await you there?


ConnecTank is an adorably cartoony and colorful tank builder, where strategizing and creativity spice up your game. Increase the fun by hopping into local co-op. The game itself is easy to learn: link conveyor belts, keep the factory under control, craft the ammo you want and then hop into your chonky tank to wreak havoc! Sometimes the best things in life are that simple.

Travel Mosaics 8: Breathtaking Seoul 

About time for your holiday vacation? Why not take a trip to Korea? The Walker family is back with Travel Mosaics 8: Breathtaking Seoul, where 140 vibrant levels are ready to put your puzzle skills to the test. Relax with the nonograms we all love and learn some new facts about Korea to show off during the family dinner.

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Dec 23, 2022