Play on Utomik now: Wytchwood, Dream Walker, and Wave of Time!

Magical forests, dreams, and even space and time—this week, we at Utomik bring you into amazing new worlds to explore. From the most lovingly designed forest of Wytchwood to the dreams of your husband and the idyllic sceneries of Renaissance-era Italy, you can travel anywhere you’d like. Let’s dive in!


Become a countryside witch in the charming world of Wytchwood! As the resident magician of this storybook tale, it’s up to you to solve the myriad of puzzles and problems around the village. Gather ingredients for the most devious and harmless potions, get to know its many colorful inhabitants, and put a spell on everyone—whether that’s literally or figuratively is up to you!

Wytchwood feels like coming home to a gothic fable, beautifully rendered with autumn-like colors and Celtic music to welcome you to its soft and enchanting world. All you have to do is bring your own magic. At the end of a worthwhile day, you simply retreat to your cottage in the woods.

Dream Walker

Step into the mysterious world of dreams and nightmares as Carrol, a Dream Walker. Your husband has fallen into the clutches of the Sandman, a wicked being, and only you can save him by helping him face his fears. Dream Walker is a beautiful Hidden Object game with plenty of other puzzles across 91 game levels. Tread ever deeper into the world of dreams to defeat an ancient evil. Sleep with one eye open, and take off to Never Never-land!

Wave of Time

Become a space traveler in the Hidden Object game Wave of Time. Your aunt has gone missing, and has even started fading from her own photographs! A search at her house results in the discovery of a book; from there it's not much later until you're in fifteenth-century Italy. But the real problems begin when your actions there accidentally change the course of time. Will you restore the balance of the space-time continuum? Wave of Time boasts gorgeous sceneries and a compelling plot, and is sure to keep you entertained for hours!

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Apr 8, 2022