Play the games of INDIGO and BitSummit Gaiden 2020 on Utomik!

This year’s games of indie game events INDIGO (by Dutch Game Garden) and BitSummit Gaiden will be made available to everyone through Utomik. As staunch supporters of the indie game dev community, we felt we had to support the entire community as best we can.

As it turns out, we already have a platform to play games on, so it was only logical to offer our assistance with that. This is great news, not only for our active subscribers, but for everyone who wants to play fresh, new and unreleased games. What’s not to like, right?

We thought so too, so we’ve made it easy for everyone. If you already have an active account: great! The games will be brought to you automatically. If your account is inactive, or if you’ve never used Utomik before, we can offer you a free play period of 7 days.

You can get the code on the pages for the events, create an account and start playing right away. Be sure to time your 7 days correctly to get the most out of this sweet deal. You can activate the code as of June 22 up to and including July 4, but each event has its own window when its games will be on Utomik.

And to sweeten the deal a bit more, we’ll let you play every other game on our platform too. You’d better take the entire week off from work if you plan on trying them all! Enjoy!

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Jun 18, 2020