Puzzle Games Week: Your Missing Piece

Puzzle games are often overlooked, but they are more diverse than most of us think. There are classic time management games, themed adventures, intense time challenges and much more. Whether you enjoy a romantic story or a thrilling adventure- or maybe pure gameplay, the puzzle genre actually has it all.

Never tried them before, or maybe you just never found something to your taste? Dive into puzzle games with us, whether you’re familiar with it already or not! Who knows, you might find that you’ve been missing out on a whole genre worth of amazing games.

We know our hardcore puzzle players have found many of our games already, but we’re here to give some love to a timeless genre! If you are one of those hardcore players, join us as we dig up some classics, old favorites and hidden gems!

Follow us on social, or check our news between January 29th and February 5th to find more hints and clues! And of course…. we’ll keep adding some more puzzle pieces to our games catalog!

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Jan 29, 2021