Seduction, blackmail, manipulation, and espionage in Sigma Theory: Global Cold War!

You can now play a brand new espionage simulation game on Utomik! The creators of the award-winning game ‘Out There’, bring you Sigma Theory: Global Cold War: a game about a promising, radical new technology. This tech is the cause of a global cold war. As head or your country’s Sigma division, you’re charged with the responsibility to research and use this tech, before other countries do!

With your agents, you’ll rally scientists from around the world to your cause. They‘ll discover new technologies to gain the edge and change the world. Sometimes you’ll use diplomacy, sometimes (contra) espionage works best. Will your strategies win you the world? Play the game and find out!

Have fun with our latest Day One addition! Feel free to share your experience on our Twitter or Facebook. We’re always happy to hear which games you enjoy best.

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Apr 18, 2019