She and the Light Bearer available now Day One!

Lose yourself in the whimsical storybook-like point-and-click adventure She and the Light Bearer, now available as the latest Day One release on Utomik!

With its hand-drawn art, an instrumental acoustic soundtrack, and fairytale-inspired story, She and the Light Bearer sets you off on a journey deep into an unknown forest. Solve riddles and puzzles to earn the trust of the other forest creatures. Learn of the sacrifice of the forest, the horror of the Devourer, and the secret to awaken the Mother.

“I have always loved poetry, myth, and fairytale. During the making of the game’s prototype, I was heavily inspired with the story of mother earth,” said Game Director and Artist Brigitta Rena, “I want to show the beauty of nature through this game.”

Go on this gorgeous, exciting adventure now on Utomik!

"She and the Light Bearer makes me grateful for what little time I'm able to spend on games; it's not fast, it's not a heart-thumping adrenaline rush, but it is exceptionally charming and beautifully illustrated, a cozy little storybook adventure perfect for the holiday season." - Forbes

"Weaving together poetry and storytelling, music and wonder, She and the Light Bearer promises an experience that’ll resurrect the childlike awe in all of us." - Game Pilgrim

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Jan 17, 2019