The new Utomik experience, now in early access!

The time has come: our new client is now in early access!

With this new client, we offer a faster experience and improved game suggestions. The new client recommends the best games for you, tailored to what you like, without any hassle! 

We have worked hard on the new client, and we are incredibly proud to finally present the many improvements to the world. The new Utomik experience is still in early access, so please be gentle with us while we polish the experience. In return you get to be the first ones to play around with everything new we have to offer!

How do I join the early access?

Early access is open to everyone and joining is easy. So go ahead and dive in now! You can read everything you need, including how to get started and how to send us your feedback, on our special early access page.

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Jul 15, 2021