Tormentor X Punisher and more: play now!

This summer, get ready to rampage! Invite some friends and see whose high score comes out on top with the amazingly angry shooter Tormentor X Punisher, new in the Utomik games library, or pay a visit to either a cursed graveyard or a colorful animal village. The choice is yours!

Tormentor X Punisher

Looking for a brutal game, in which your objective is little more than mowing down hordes of demons? Tormentor X Punisher has everything you need! Blow off some steam as a pink-haired heroine with a foul mouth. And when we say foul mouth, we really mean it. Profanities are everywhere and go at a fast pace that keeps up with the death metal soundtrack, and the comic book art style doesn't hide the fact that there's so. much. slaughter.

Although it's mindless violence for the sake of mindless violence, Tormentor X Punisher is also ridiculously fun to play. Because your only goal is to kill, you can get really creative. The unforgiving nature of the game—everything dies with a single hit, including you—and the fact that you will start over all the way from the beginning many times over only adds to the challenge. Learn new mechanics during your rampage, and remember: never stop shooting. How high can you crank up your own high score?

Mahjong Stories: Vampire Romance

Play some spooky games of Mahjong and solve mysteries as you go. This cursed graveyard is home to many secrets yet to be unearthed by anyone. Take up the role of Edward and free those trapped souls—but who or what has these evil deeds on their hands? Brave the bone-chilling graveyard of Mahjong Stories: Vampire Romance and find out for yourself…if you dare.

Shopping Clutter 2: Christmas Square

Ready to cool down a bit? Shopping Clutter 2: Christmas Square brings a flurry of snow and colorful “clutter” puzzles to imagine yourself in cooler climates! Picture yourself in a Christmas-styled Animalville, become a part-time elf, and bring some cheer wherever you go.

Where do you picture yourself this weekend?

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Jul 8, 2022