Utomik and Nordic Games partner to add 40 games

Utomik today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Nordic Games GmbH, a leading global game publisher based in Vienna, Austria. The agreement means that leading Nordic titles, including Darksiders, The Raven, Red Faction and Painkiller titles are all becoming available via Utomik’s subscription service. This latest partnership expands further Utomik’s library of games, with publishing contracts secured for more than 500 titles.

Commenting on the partnership, Thomas Reisinger, Senior Online Sales Manager of Nordic, says, “The idea of subscription gaming is something we have been considering for quite some time already. We asked ourselves: If it works for television and music, why shouldn’t it work for gaming as well? It is our philosophy at Nordic Games to always look and think about new opportunities and interesting concepts that might change the face of the gaming industry. “Unlimited Gaming” for a subscription-fee is definitely up that alley, therefore we’re giving it a try by making a carefully selected part of our line-up available on Utomik's platform. We are excited to see how this will work out and are looking forward to our partnership with Utomik.”

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Feb 18, 2016