Utomik and SEAGM partnership

As of October 7th, Utomik and SEAGM kick off their partnership! Together we will bring unlimited and accessible gaming to all. The two brands will commence their collaboration to offer players all around the world access to Utomik's massive game library through SEAGM.

Bringing two worlds together

With over 4 million registered users, SEAGM stands strong as a trusted digital online game store. The platform readily provides access to users globally with over 100 payment methods. Through SEAGM, Utomik will gain visibility on global markets.

And, as you know, Utomik offers an accessible gaming platform with over 1250 titles. Our games can be played quickly anywhere in the world regardless of internet bandwidth, thanks to our smart download tech.

Fruitful future

The value that binds both of our companies together is our shared passion to do more for the gaming community. Together, we hope to make gaming more accessible to everyone as it is one of the company's visions as well. 

Pick up your Utomik subscription on SEAGM!

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Oct 19, 2021