Utomik Cloud Free Weekend is now live

Today, we kick off the Utomik Cloud Free Weekend! Starting today until Sunday, you can sign up and start playing amazing games on your Android devices, Samsung & LG 2021/2022 Smart TVs, and PC! For this weekend only, we won’t need all your credentials. We’re making the signup for the event easier for all players.

If you sign up for the UCFW, you will be able to play as much as you want for the weekend. This is a special trial not only for its ease of access but also because you’ll enjoy a lifelong 50% discount on Utomik Cloud subscriptions after the weekend ends. 

To make things even more interesting, we are releasing five amazing games to Utomik Cloud, especially for the occasion:

Deliver Us The Moon:

Deliver Us The Moon is a sci-fi thriller of an adventure game, set in the not too distant future. With Earth's resources depleted, a lone astronaut is tasked with an important mission: save humanity from the brink of extinction. Is everything what it seems? Or will you embrace the dark abyss?


Haven is an adventure RPG that has received lots of praise for its main characters. Yu and Kay may have already found each other before, but a large part of the game is about how they interact and how they grow together. Different choices you make will influence the game, from wholesome moments with your partner at your ship, down to the game's multiple endings.

Rogue Lords: 

Evil masterminds are yours to command in Rogue Lords, where you’ll be playing the role of none other than the devil himself. Create devastating synergies and sow chaos and discord wherever the road may take you.


RiME is an enigmatic puzzle adventure that will sweep you away to a distant world. With a little help along the way from the cutest little fox—yes, you can pet it—you set out to explore an ancient island that is home to many mysteries and many creatures. You will need your brain and creativity to solve the guarded secrets.

The Surge:

This is probably the roughest first day a newbie on the job could've possibly had. Welcome to Creo: the megacorporation saving the world. You wake up equipped with your exoskeleton in a  destroyed section of the complex. In The Surge, everyone and everything is out to get you, so you'll have to loot to survive!

More information about the UCFW

Hope to see you in the cloud!

The Utomik team

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Dec 16, 2022