Utomik Cloud now available on Android devices

Starting today, Utomik Cloud is available on Android devices, making games more accessible than ever! With the launch on Android, a subset of over 1400 PC games is made available on mobile devices (smartphones as well as tablets) that run Android 9 or higher. Our library will continue to grow every month. We’ve only just recently released our app on Samsung and LG 2021/2022 TVs, but making our service available on Android as well marks the next step in our goal: to give everyone a chance to experience gaming however (and wherever!) they want. Over 200 games can be enjoyed using an on-screen controller layout mapped to every game in the cloud gaming service. This collection can also be played by connecting a controller to your Android device. For the other games, special touchscreen controls have been developed. 

You can check out more information about Utomik Cloud here.

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Dec 14, 2022