Utomik launches Cloud Gaming on TV

The wait is over! Utomik has launched Utomik Cloud on select Samsung Smart TVs. If you’re the proud owner of a Samsung Smart TV (2022 model), you will already have the Samsung Gaming Hub installed after the system update.* 

The Utomik app will be available to you from the get-go, which means you don’t have to worry about anything and can simply play away! Games the way they w

ere intended. You can try out Utomik Cloud through the free trial period. Every Utomik subscription includes the 1300+ PC games, and our new subscription plans currently add about 100 games for cloud gaming. Of course, we will be adding many more games to the cloud game library over time!

We are still in Early Access for Utomik Cloud and that means that some features might still not be available. We will have everything sorted out soon. Our team figured we would make things easier on you, so here’s a selection of 10 games available on Utomik Cloud that you can try out for yourself right now:

1. My Time at Portia: Start a new life over at Portia! Chat with villagers, build your workshop, farm and explore a colorful world.

2. Coffee Talk: Become a barista without the mess. Relax to lofi beats and hear out your regulars over a fresh cuppa joe. (Or tea. Or cocoa. Whatever you fancy.)

3.  Blue Fire: Explore a dark world with this challenging platformer. You’ll have to dance for the bosses, too.

4. Youtuber's Life: Manage the Youtube career of your dreams– many dreams, in fact!

5. AER - Memories of Old: We can’t leave out this classic. Fly through the vibrant yet calming world of AER and learn about its charming history.

6. Beacon: This Metroidvania game kicks serious ass, unless you’re the one getting your ass kicked. Respawn on this alien planet with new skills based on slain enemies, and fight your way out!

7. Call of the Sea: Walk a mile in the shoes of a widow in search of clues for her husband. This tropical paradise holds many more secrets, you may even learn more about yourself.

8. Wytchwood: Cottagecore dreams do come true! Become a resident magician to a small forest village, and bring a splash of magic to the mundane lives of the inhabitants.

9. Filament: The cutest puzzles in space. On a spaceship. Figure out what happened to the crew by solving each room, and move forward!

10. Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt: My liege, your people need you! Managing a whole town is hard work, especially during the Middle Ages where disasters and diseases lurk every season.

Utomik Cloud is the start of something new, and we’re very excited to be able to share this with everyone. We’re planning on releasing an app for Android mobile devices soon, as well, so do keep an eye out if you’re interested in that! We hope to reach many more gamers through Utomik Cloud, whether you consider yourself a casual or a hardcore player. Whether you’re familiar with Utomik or not, new or returning. 

Play away!
The Utomik Team

*Even if Samsung Gaming Hub is not available yet in your country, so long as Utomik Cloud is available you can still download our app. You can do this directly from the app store on your TV. Check out the full list of available countries here.

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Jun 30, 2022