Utomik partners with CLIQ Digital

Utomik partners with CLIQ Digital to bring unlimited gaming to a larger audience!

 As of today, all the members in the CLIQ Digital portal will be pleasantly surprised to find they now have access to all 1200+games on Utomik. This is the exciting result of the partnership CLIQ and Utomik have entered into. The users will be able to see and select the games in the CLIQ portal, but will play them in the trusted Utomik client. This gives them access to ad-free unlimited gameplay and fast downloads, courtesy of Utomik’s smart tech client.

Our B2B strategy is paying off

The deal with CLIQ Digital is the first step in our long-term B2B strategy to grow our platform even further. This means, we’ll be entering into more partnerships over the course of 2021, to give an ever growing audience access to our extensive library of high-quality, handpicked games.


This is part of our plans for healthy growth which will pay off, not only for Utomik and its partners and investors, but also for the loyal subscribers! This will enable us in the long run to acquire even more exciting and great games for all our players.

Games will be part of CLIQ now

Starting March 15th 2021, CLIQ Digital members will be able to play games using the Utomik platform as part of their CLIQ subscription. To make things easy for their members, CLIQ made it possible to find games from within the CLIQ ecosystem and play using single–sign-on for a frictionless experience. You can learn more about CLIQ here.


We’re thrilled to show our games to the fastgrowing CLIQ audience, and let more people experience the fun and convenience of a gaming subscription. There are so many games to discover, in every genre, that we’re certain everyone can find something they enjoy. From solitaire to shooters, from puzzle to adventures, our games give you access to all those realms.

Do you have any questions about Utomik, or how to partner with us?

Feel free to contact us at partners@utomik.com or check our B2B partner page.

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Mar 16, 2021