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Hidden Ninjas of Utomik

Did you know Utomik has a hidden and elite community called Ninjas? Hidden in plain sight, these guys perform (classified) special ops ranging from testing games in advance of release, to trying new features, to participating in satisfaction surveys. Ninjas are the secret force that helps make Utomik a sound success.

Earn free subscription time

Ninjas earn XP, ranks and goodies for their efforts, including earning free subscription time. Do you love Utomik and want to become more involved? Being a Ninja gives you the chance to help improve Utomik through testing and feedback, while earning rewards, communicating directly with the Utomik staff and occasionally participating in fun events and polls.

Communication & Requirements

The Ninja group communicates privately via our closed Facebook group and private Discord server. Once you have signed your NDA and it’s approved, please join these groups. You can’t become a Ninja if you are not in these groups.

To be accepted into the Ninja group you must:

  • Must have an active Utomik subscription (not in your free 14 day period).
  • Have a Windows PC running Windows 7 or higher.
  • You must be 18 years or older or have a parent co-sign your NDA.
  • Handle secret information with care.
  • Speak and write decent English

Note that violation of the NDA may result in severe legal action. We retain the right to remove you from the Ninja group at all times.


Because you get access to unreleased content and (often sensitive) information, each Ninja is asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to vow secrecy. This means you are not allowed to speak, post or share information publicly on what happens in the Ninja group. This also means you can’t talk about it in the Utomik public forum.

Fill in your personal information at the yellow fields and sign at the last page with your autograph. Upload a scan of the finished document in your application form below.

*You must have reached the legal age of majority to sign yourself. Younger persons need an additional signature from their parent or legal guardian.

Download Utomik NDA

  1. Download the NDA
  2. Fill in your personal details in the yellow marked fields
  3. Sign at the bottom last page with your signature
  4. Upload a scan of the document in the aplication form below
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