Statement The Sinking City

August 26, 2020

On December 20th 2019 Utomik signed up The Sinking City for our subscription service in good faith with BBI/Nacon, after which we announced that The Sinking City was coming to Utomik. Shortly after the announcement, Frogwares contacted us and informed us that BBI/Nacon should not have given us access to the game, because it was not theirs to give.

After checking with BBI/Nacon, we were informed of the existing conflict between BBI/Nacon and Frogwares. We then decided to immediately pull back the game from our release schedule, our website and other media. We have no intention to ever release games on our platform for which the rights are not 100% clear. As far as Utomik was concerned this ended our unintentional involvement in the situation.

Utomik is committed to sustainability for independent game developers. We aim to make sure that everyone can earn a fair living making great games by connecting gamers and developers on our platform.

About Utomik

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