Utomik collaborates with Codemasters to unleash games

December 10, 2015

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, USA - Utomik, the “unlimited gaming” subscription service for $9.99 per month, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Codemasters, a leading global game developer and publisher based out of the United Kingdom. As a result of this agreement, a large proportion of Codemasters games, highlights including Overlord 1 & 2, Operation Flashpoint as well as GRID 2 from the official BAFTA award-winning GRID™ games series, will be featured as part of Utomik’s subscription service.

With an impressive 30-year heritage, Codemasters continues to be one of the industry’s most successful developers, creating classic titles including Dizzy, Micro Machines, Brian Lara Cricket, TOCA, Colin McRae Rally, LMA Manager and Operation Flashpoint. The company pioneered the DiRT franchise and masterminded its proprietary EGO racing engine.

Utomik’s vision of the future is to “Unleash Gaming” by moving the industry into a new era through subscription-based gaming, offering consumers no limits playtime while supporting the industry for continued growth. The company’s subscription-based service is currently in its ‘Closed Beta” period during which consumers can sign up and try out the no limits playtime, service for free. To date, the company has received over 12,000 signups to participate and already secured publishing contracts for more than 500 games. Utomik’s technology distances itself from pixel streaming solutions by loading PC games up to 100 times faster, directly from a consumer’s PC ensuring 100% original quality and a lag-free experience.

Commenting on the collaboration, Toby Evan-Jones, Director of Business Development at Codemasters, said, “The constantly evolving landscape of how games are accessed and played is incredibly exciting. This opportunity to make our games available to a wider audience is a move which makes perfect sense to us at Codemasters. Based upon the closed beta to date, Utomik’s service seems fantastic for players who care about rapid access to games. Let’s be honest, with ever-improving visual and audio fidelity, install sizes are not tending to get any smaller! We fully understand why some players are being drawn to the speed of access offered by Utomik’s service and are pleased to make a range of our games available to their subscribers.”

Doki Tops, Utomik CEO, said, “Our subscribers are going to love the games from Codemasters and be able to play them lag-free, as often as they like, whenever they like! Some of the best racing and fantasy games around will soon be available as part of Utomik’s subscription. As a big GRID and dark fantasy humor fan, I am thrilled about bringing these games and many more awesome Codemasters titles to our users.”

About Utomik

Utomik provides a monthly subscription with a library of 1300+ games, and our team works hard to add more titles every week. There is a wide variety of games available thanks to partnerships with publishers and developers such as Idea Factory International, Curve Digital and many more. With games across multiple genres such as FPS, RPG, Strategy, Action Adventure, Indie, we aim to provide a deeply diverse catalog with something to enjoy for every kind of gamer.

Utomik on PC

Using our state-of-the-art technology, any of our 1300+ PC games are already playable after downloading only a small part. Get the full PC gaming experience with no streaming and no lag. Anyone can be a gamer, even if your internet connection isn’t usually ideal.

Utomik Cloud

Utomik's games were already on PC, but they are now also available on select Samsung TVs and soon on Android mobile devices thanks to our cloud gaming solution. We currently have roughly 100 of our games available for the cloud, and have a dedicated team working on adding more.

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