Utomik partners with PLUG IN DIGITAL to add 200 more titles to its games library

January 29, 2016

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, USA - Utomik, the “unlimited gaming” subscription service, today announced that it has concluded a new partnership agreement with PLUG IN DIGITAL, a leading European independent games distributor. PLUG IN DIGITAL, with leading titles such as Shelter, WRC 5, Dead In Bermuda, Evoland 2 and Mini Metro, will add over two hundred games to Utomik’s subscription service.

PLUG IN DIGITAL offers expertise to the video game industry in terms of distribution, commercialization, business development, strategic support and marketing. It currently distributes and markets AAA, Indie and casual games on behalf of over seventy independent developers and publishers across the world.

Utomik's vision to "Unleash Gaming" is designed to bring more games to more people by moving the industry into the era of subscription gaming, enabling consumers to access games as easily as they do TV shows, films and music today. This vision is powered by Utomik's unique and proprietary instant play technology. Consumers can play games directly from their own PC - meaning lag-free play and 100% original quality on all games. Developers can deploy their games on Utomik’s platform in just a few hours with zero adaptations required.

Utomik is transitioning from its closed beta mode into an open beta paid service during which consumers will be able to try it out for a discounted introductory monthly subscription. To date, its closed beta service has attracted over 12,000 sign-ups.

Commenting on the partnership, Francis Ingrand, CEO at PLUG-IN DIGITAL, said, “The partnership with Utomik fits perfectly within the scope of our strategy to simplify and distribute digital content worldwide via our network. Our developers and publishers will be able to market and promote their games by obtaining immediate access to a broad audience of gamers via Utomik’s subscriber base. Additionally, this means they will generate revenue each time their game is played.”

Doki Tops, Utomik CEO, adds, “We are proud to have PLUG IN DIGITAL as a partner as they bring types of games to our portfolio that we feel deserve much more attention. The quality and depth of their Indie portfolio is great. I think that some of their games, like Shelter, could almost be considered as small pieces of art. This aligns perfectly with our vision to Unleash Gaming and bring more games to more people.”

About Utomik

Utomik is a worldwide gaming subscription service that services both the B2C and the B2B markets with its hybrid gaming platform. The platform delivers an excellent user experience through cloud gaming and fast-download tech, which ensures smooth game performance all over the world. Partners such as Samsung, LG, and Hewlett Packard embrace this progressiveness by adapting Utomik’s services to their products.

Supporting a games library of 1400+ high-quality titles on PC and currently a subset of those for smart TVs and Android devices users in the cloud, the platform appeals to casual and core audiences of all ages. Cloud gaming allows Utomik to offer an accessible gaming experience, allowing people to play whenever and wherever they want.

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