Wired Productions and Utomik announce partnership

April 21, 2022
Wired + Utomik - Productions Partnership Announcement

Starting with the day-one release of Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, April 21 2022 – Utomik, the worldwide gaming subscription platform for everyone, is proud to announce a partnership with renowned publisher Wired Productions! This includes bringing all 6 of their 2022 games to the Utomik library with titles like Martha is Dead, Arcade Paradise and today’s newly released Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles. 

Wired Productions and Utomik have intensified their relationship by setting up an official partnership, bringing their 2022 portfolio to the platform of Utomik - many even at release. Starting with the release of Wired Productions’ newest title Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles! This means that those with a Utomik subscription can play Lumote right now. 

Lumote is a puzzle platform game in which you play as Lumote, a small bioluminescent creature on a journey through the Great Depths. The puzzles Lumote has to solve, as well as the rest of the environment, are visible at all times, and clever level design introduces players to the game before ramping up the difficulty and creating an adventure worth experiencing.

Check out the Lumote release trailer.

Players can expect Arcade Paradise, Tin Hearts, The Last Worker and Tiny Troopers: Global Ops to come to Utomik in the upcoming months. And of course we can’t forget the great games that have already been published by Wired Productions and have yet to appear on the Utomik app: Martha is Dead will soon be appearing on Utomik as well.  

Wired Productions partnership

The aforementioned games aren’t the first Wired Productions titles you can play through the Utomik platform: The Falconeer, Deliver Us The Moon, and GRIP: Combat Racing are just some of the titles that are already playable for people with a Utomik subscription. With this strengthened partnership, the amount of Wired Productions games on the Utomik platform will only continue to grow.

As stated by Neil Broadhead, Head of Marketing from Wired Productions, “With its platform and newly announced Cloud Gaming service, Utomik helps us reach a larger, more diverse audience than ever before.  This, in combination with the effortless onboarding, made it a no-brainer to engage in a closer partnership with Utomik.”

Tom Schoen, Content Director at Utomik shares this enthusiasm: “Wired Productions’ catalog consists of many great indie games, and here at Utomik we are always searching for such titles to add to our platform. It is a privilege to be part of this new partnership, and our community can join the hype for a newly released game and play away!”

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About Wired Productions

Wired Productions is an independent video games publisher based in Watford, UK. Wired has produced and published award-winning titles across all major platforms and its games are curated to deliver on its mantra: ‘Driven by Passion.’ Bringing games to market in both physical and digital media, notable launches to date include Martha Is Dead, The Falconeer, Those Who Remain, Deliver Us The Moon, Close to the Sun, GRIP: Combat Racing, Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, The Town of Light, and the just released Lumote. Recently, Wired Productions announced its upcoming slate of titles during Wired Direct. Upcoming titles include Arcade Paradise, Tin Hearts, Tiny Troopers: Global Ops and The Last Worker

With games like Fractured Minds and Martha is Dead, Wired Productions is also focusing on mental health, in line with charity Safe In Our World. By working together with Utomik, Wired Productions hopes to raise awareness for Safe In Our World and its cause. 

About Utomik

Utomik is a worldwide gaming subscription service that services both the B2C and the B2B market with their revolutionary gaming platform. The platform delivers an excellent user experience through cloud gaming and fast-download tech, which ensures smooth game performance all over the world. Partners such as Samsung embrace this progressiveness by adapting Utomik’s services to their products.

Supporting a games library of 1300+ high-quality game titles on PC with soon a subset of those for PC, mobile with Android 9 & higher and Samsung TV users in the cloud, the platform appeals to both casual and core audiences of all ages. Cloud gaming allows Utomik to offer an accessible gaming experience, allowing people to play whenever and wherever they’d like. 

Product Links

Official website: https://www.Utomik.com
Official Wired Productions: https://wiredproductions.com 

Press kit Utomik: https://www.utomik.com/company/brand-resources
Press kit Wired Productions: https://media.wiredproductions.com/ 


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Public Relations Utomik
E-mail: press@utomik.com  
Twitter: @Utomik

About Utomik

Utomik provides a monthly subscription with a library of 1300+ games, and our team works hard to add more titles every week. There is a wide variety of games available thanks to partnerships with publishers and developers such as Idea Factory International, Curve Digital and many more. With games across multiple genres such as FPS, RPG, Strategy, Action Adventure, Indie, we aim to provide a deeply diverse catalog with something to enjoy for every kind of gamer.

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Using our state-of-the-art technology, any of our 1300+ PC games are already playable after downloading only a small part. Get the full PC gaming experience with no streaming and no lag. Anyone can be a gamer, even if your internet connection isn’t usually ideal.

Utomik Cloud

Utomik's games were already on PC, but they are now also available on select Samsung TVs and soon on Android mobile devices thanks to our cloud gaming solution. We currently have roughly 100 of our games available for the cloud, and have a dedicated team working on adding more.

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