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Whether you wish to absolutely fry your brain or simply tickle it, we've got a wide variety of puzzle games waiting for you! Looking for a charming hidden object game or a more classic puzzle adventure? What about something creepy, calming, or a completely different way of experiencing puzzle games? We've got it all.

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Human Fall Flat visual

Human Fall Flat

The laws of physics may limit you, but your creativity sure won't! (Mis)use whatever tools you find in these fantastical dreamscapes and remember: the sky's the limit. Or not. How you get to your destination is entirely up to you.

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Doodle God

Hundreds of items and concepts to craft, combined with simple gameplay to foster your creativity. Watch as your world comes to life at your own fingertips, while humorous quotes entertain your ascended self. Ready to spice things up? There are puzzle and quest modes too!

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Doodle God visual
Mini Metro visual

Mini Metro

Design your own subway layout in this calming yet challenging game. Carefully construct your metro lines to make the most efficient use of your limited resources. Special structures can aid you in keeping your subway running... but only when used wisely.

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A 2D, metroidvania platformer with puzzle elements? That's Teslagrad. Explore a treacherous tower located in steampunk Europe. Learn electromagnetic abilities in this non-linear world, where you, a young boy, find yourself dragged into a forgotten conspiracy.

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Teslagrad visual
Flipping Death visual

Flipping Death

Filling in for Death himself has its advantages! Penny now moves between the worlds of the dead and the living in this seamless puzzle-platformer where quick thinking and creativity are your best friend. Along the way, she might even find out what killed her in the first place...

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Rusty Lake Hotel

Esteemed guests, welcome to the Rusty Lake Hotel. Prepare five dinners by solving various brain teasers to collect the necessary ingredients. The surreal setting will surely get you hooked, and the food is to die for.

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Rusty Lake Hotel visual
Bridge Contructor visual

Bridge Constructor

A cute bridge building game where structures can be made using any combination of available materials. Just make sure it stays within budget and doesn't break down... Various environments and a multitude of levels will keep testing your wits!

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The Sexy Brutale

Ten horrifyingly different murders await you at this mansion, but you're immune to it all. Don various masks and uncover how to save the guests from their own demise before the clock rewinds. Else you'll have to witness it all again.

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The Sexy Brutale visual
Mahjongg Fortuna visual

Mahjong Fortuna

Read your horoscopes before each round, learn about yourself, and dive into this game of timeless mahjong. Featuring many different settings, layouts, and tilesets, as well as classic and arcade mode.

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Neighbours from Hell

Be the best terrible neighbour ever in the "Neighbours from Hell" compilation. Pull the rug from under your unsuspecting neighbour, set up pranks and make it last! It's game over if you get caught, so don't get reckless.

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Monstrum from Hell visual
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