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Survival isn't guaranteed in the games we have lined up for you. You're going to have to fight for it, with your wits, your stealth, or your speed. Are you ready for that challenge? We have hand-picked just a few of our survival games to show you on this page. If you want to see all of them, give us a try!

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To survive is to anticipate. Whether you make it through in one piece by staying sharp, being thorough or managing your resources, not a single game is the same. For some of these games, you'll find that not a single playthrough is the same.

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Kingdom: New Lands visual

Kingdom: New Lands

As the ruler of your own Kingdom, you have to make sure your nation survives. Travel to new lands, but be careful or you may not return from them alive. Building upon the award-winning predecessor, this is truly a great game about saving others.

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On a deserted Arctic research station, you and your fellow researchers have to fight for your survival. The base will be different every time you start over. It's a rogue-like, so be ready for death to be quite permanent. Stay safe!

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Distrust visual
Dead Island Riptide visual

Dead Island: Riptide

Just imagine yourself on a great tropical island, a paradise full of party people, until... Yes, you guessed correctly: zombies happened! What will you do to survive and get off of the island alive? Find out for yourself in this classic action-horror game!

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Bomber Crew

Get your crew together and take to the sky for this original survival simulation game. Manage every aspect of your mission carefully such as fuel, ammo, and hydraulics and remember that good preparation is the key to surviving these challenges.

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Bomber Crew visual
The Flame in the Flood visual

The Flame in the Flood

You travel by foot and by raft down a procedurally-generated river in this indie rogue-lite. Get ready to scrounge for resources, craft tools, cure sickness, evade the vicious wildlife, and most importantly, get to the safe zone in one piece.

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WW III was brutal, but you waited it out in your hotel on the hill. Now that it's over, you need to go outside again. For supplies and to find other survivors like you. Can you make it past the mutants and all the other dangers? Survival may be even harder than during the war.

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Skyhill visual
The Final Station visual

The Final Station

The world may have ended, but your story has not. The advantage you have over the horde of infected? A train, and whatever supplies and survivors you may find. Be wary, though, as some survivors are more trouble than they're worth...

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Dead in Vinland

This intricate survival-management game has you in control of recruiting members, making crucial choices, and handling a vast multitude of resources to the best of your ability. Enjoy the story on easy mode or seek a real challenge on extreme mode.

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Dead in Vinland visual
Smoke and Sacrifice visual

Smoke and Sacrifice

Follow Sachi on this emotional, hand-painted adventure, as she dives deep into the mysteries of her own world. Exploit ecosystems to ensure your own survival, and unravel the sinister secrets surrounding the Sun Tree you once devoted yourself and your first-born to.

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Infectonator: Survivors

This retro, pixelated survival game features unforgiving permadeath, tower defense and realtime strategy for those seeking a real challenge. Randomly generated cities and survivors make sure that each playthrough will be different.

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Infectonator: Survivors visual
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