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Decay of Logos

Find out what drives Ada on her tale of vengeance. Accompanied by her loyal, mystical elk friend, she travels once familiar lands now bustling with hostile forces. Decay of Logos is an extremely challenging and punishing adventure game with an emphasis on fantasy, lore, and customization.

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Decay of Logos visual
Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry visual

Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry

This point-&-click adventure game is easy to get into, and will make you want to keep going! Mess around as Larry as he and his 80's mindset get thrust into the modern world. Fall in love with the ladies and work your way to the top on Timber and Instacrap as you go.

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Deliver Us The Moon

Once part of a colony deployed by the World Space Agency, now the last remaining human on the moon. This sci-fi thriller explores current affairs in the near future. Uncover hidden agendas with your tiny robot companion ASE. Will you live to tell the tale, or be forgotten like the rest of your team?

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Deliver Us The Moon visual
Outcast – Second Contact visual

Outcast – Second Contact

Lose yourself in the rich, lively world of Adelpha as one of the most experienced elite soldiers out there. This open world is yours to traverse, but you have to stay sharp. Adelpha is inhabited by many creatures who revere you, but don't forget why you came here in the first place: Your mission.

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For The King

The kingdom of Fahrul has been thrown into disarray after their ruler's life has been taken. By request of the queen, citizens across the country rise up to put an end to the chaos. This strategy-adventure RPG will ask you to give your everything...For The King.

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For The King visual
Figment visual


Lower yourself into the recesses of the human mind, a surreal world filled with music and color. Help Dusty and Piper beat puzzles, enemies and bosses, flip (mental) switches and watch as one's mind slowly flourishes... or withers.

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Deponia: The Complete Journey

Plans to escape the junk planet Deponia haven't succeeded so far, but things take a turn when Goal shows up... and Rufus just so happens to look like her sleazy fiancee. Jump into an adventure brought on by a newly hatched masterplan. Time to finally leave your home behind and take off to the floating city of Elysium!

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Deponia: The Complete Journey visual
The Longest Journey visual

The Longest Journey

Explore two vast worlds, solve countless puzzles, and beat monsters as you go. With over 150 locations and dozens of voiced characters to interact with, your protagonist will grow, live, and learn alongside you.

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An adventure game in the purest sense, using epic camera angles to empower your choices and movements in this tale. With seamlessly integrated puzzles and detailed European-styled structures to explore, you're about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

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Syberia visual
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