About Our Company

Unleashing the Games Industry

Utomik is the no-nonsense unlimited play gaming subscription that offers a growing library of games from over 50 leading publishers. Gamers can effortlessly discover and play games in a single click, thanks to Utomik’s innovative ‘download while you play technology’. You get the real game instantly, not a streamed surrogate.

We are a USA-based startup, with both a strong international drive and a ‘down to earth’ mentality, courtesy of our Dutch roots. Since our founding in September 2014, we’ve been nominated several times as a startup to watch, including being a finalist in the Accenture Innovation Awards. We’ve partnered with many top leading publishers such as Disney, Epic Games, Nordic, Codemasters and Gamehouse.

Our team is a passionate, open minded family that works, laughs and fights together to make something great. From our founders and veteran senior developers to the designers, social media mangers, live streamers, play testers and customer support team, everyone is instrumental in creating a fantastic gaming service. That includes company mom Femke, who makes the best coffee and sandwiches as well as keeping us nerds organized.

It’s our mission to "Unleash Gaming" and let gamers play great games without barriers and limits.

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Achievements & Awards

Shaping the Future of Gaming

Utomik has achieved the following milestones:

  • May 2018 Utomik officially launched
  • February 2018 New Partner: Curve Digital
  • January 2018 700 Games on Utomik
  • November 2017 New Publisher: Warner Bros Games
  • November 2017 New Publisher: Ubisoft
  • October 2017 First Day One release on Utomik
  • August 2017 600 Games on Utomik
  • April 2017 New Partner: Deep Silver
  • February 2017 Launched Family Plan
  • February 2017 New Publisher: Disney & First Star Wars™ games live
  • June 2016 New Partner: GameHouse
  • June 2016 New Partner: Epic Games
  • May 2016 New Partner: Vubiquity
  • April 2016 New Partner: SEGA
  • February 2016 Launched Open Beta
  • January 2016 New Partner: Plug In Digital
  • October 2015 Signed publishing rights for 500 games
  • July 2015 Launched Closed Beta
  • March 2015 10.000 Closed Beta signups
  • January 2015 First publishing contracts
  • September 2014 Founded & First funding

Management Team

Game changing vision and execution power

Doki Tops

Doki Tops


Meet our whirlwind, forward thinking CEO — Doki is our visionary leader, combining his experience with development, business and innovation. Founded game development company Kalydo in 2005 which he successfully pivoted to a B2B streaming solution that serviced top games in the US, China, South Korea, EU & Russia.

Richard van Barneveld

Richard van Barneveld

Strategic Director

With massive experience from many years working in the games industry, Richard never sleeps; he lives and breathes our credo. Frictionless gaming for everyone, everywhere. Graduated from Bradford University, Richard has been driving innovative businesses since 1995.

Mark Schroders

Mark Schroders


Innovations start from ideas. But ideas are nothing without brilliant execution. Mark drives our real-life, cutting edge technology, whether it's shaping the underlying architecture of our product or maintaining lightning fast platform performance, Mark is at the helm of it all.

Rob van Gulik

Rob van Gulik

Chief Knowledge Officer

Rob has an extensive background in theoretical research and practical programming. He manages our game ingestion pipeline and QA process, in addition to innovation research and patents.

Chris van der Linden

Chris van der Linden

Product Director / Branding

With degrees in photography, graphic design and media, Chris is a hypercreative force, bringing all teams together to create one cohesive, unique brand experience, communications and a product with awesome usability.

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Publishing your games on Utomik is incredibly easy. Revitalize your catalogue and reach a whole new audience of gamers. Subscription gaming is the future. Join now and drive the change.

Publishing Partners

The best games in the world

Utomik brings gamers the best titles from top publishers around the world, in one monthly subscription service. Play an unlimited amount of games in a wide variety of genres and age ratings.

These are some of the publishers we have officially announced.