Island Tribe 4

Time Management Casual

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Help the once-evil shaman find his true way in Island Tribe 4, a delightful new adventure from the hit series. The islanders are finally happy once again. They are back on their island, saved the Chief's stolen bride, and celebrated the magnificent wedding. Even the evil shaman is now their friend. Because of this, they have agreed to help him return to who he once was.

  • Join the islanders on a mission to help their new friend in this adventure game;
  • Rebuild around the world and through time in 44 all-new stages;
  • Visit ancient Egypt, Scandinavia, and China to make new friends;
  • Upgrade buildings and collect needed resources including food and water.

Minimum system requirements

Operating system
Windows 7, Windows 7 sp 1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Pentium III 800 MHz
256.00 MB
Memory: 33.6 MB
Disk space
340.00 MB
32-bit or 64-bit system
  • Publisher: Qumaron
  • Original release date: 2017-12-01

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