New on Utomik: Calico, Artifact Hunter, and Inbetween Land!

Did you know there's a magical forest, where the trees are colored pink with cherry blossoms and giant cats are waiting for you to find them? Neither did we, until we fell into the magical world of Calico! Read on to learn more about our newest indie title!

Of course, we love bringing you other new worlds to explore as well. After Calico has put you in a zen mood, maybe it's time to hunt for treasure and solve mysteries! Our fun new casual titles Artifact Hunter: The Lost Prophecy and Inbetween Land will definitely challenge youβ€”

β€”and then you return to your very own cat cafe to wind down with a tasty pastry after a job well done 🍰


If you are a cat person like us, you can't miss out on Calico! In this super low-stress community sim, you are tasked with rebuilding the local cat cafe. Befriend animals you meet in the wild and bring them to your own safe haven among the sakura trees, or visit some of your friends and help them on their way! And it's not just cats; we've been able to befriend capybaras and even wolves out in the woods. Your character is fully customizable and as adorable as your imagination. Ride giant cats, decorate your cafe, and create delicious pastries while you're at it. Then sprinkle in some magic for extra fun!

This feel-good game is just what you need if you are looking for a moment to relax. With its cozy soundtrack, its pastel-tinted world, and lots of cats, we cannot recommend a better way to destress.

Artifact Hunter: The Lost Prophecy

Set out on a new adventure with Jason, treasure hunter extraordinaire. A hunt for a priceless artifact becomes unexpectedly personal when it turns out to concern his own family! In Artifact Hunter: The Lost Prophecy, you and Jason are guided by his father's old journal. Solve the mystery and return home with the very artifact that's been haunting your family for decades.

Inbetween Land

One day, a mysterious floating island appears above the city. In Inbetween Land, your friend Mary finds a way up and ends up in a coma. But Mary is still trying to tell you something. She discovered that it is not an island at all but a spaceship, and its inhabitants are desperate to go back home. Solve hidden object puzzles and solve the island's secrets to help them be on their way.

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Mar 18, 2022