New on Utomik - New on Utomik: Welcome to Elk, Solitaire Mystery and Flowery Vale!

Today we start our new releases with a unique narrative game. Welcome to Elk balances real-life stories with humor, even if the tales themselves are emotionally searing and morally perplexing at times. Enjoy the respectfully told tales of Elk this weekend or relax with some adorable casual games!

Welcome to Elk

Welcome to Elk, a fictional island where cartoon characters live their myriad adventures. You join the people living on the island as Frigg, a young carpenter. She left the bustle of the big city behind in favor of an apprenticeship in this small community. When she arrives in Elk, Frigg worries that the slower pace of life will be boring (they don’t even have the internet), but quickly discovers nothing could be further from the truth!

As you progress through the game, you get to meet the inhabitants of the island and learn more about their personal tales, some of which can be deeply moving, but always leave you with a smile. The stories in this game, no matter how strange and perplexing they may seem, are all based on real-life experiences. If you are sensitive to some of the subjects dealing with life and death and trauma, be sure to check out the interviews with the people who lived through them on Steam. If not, then we heartily recommend travelling to Elk for a while to meet the colorful people who live there.

Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power

The oldest and most powerful deck of cards in the world has been stolen from the Museum of Ancient History. These mysterious cards are so powerful that they can withstand the world’s most evil forces. But only on one condition: not a single card can be missing from the deck.

Now the cards that contain the unfathomable wisdom of the past and omnipotent knowledge of the future are scattered all around the city and it is up to you to find each card to create a new deck. Beware, you are not the only person looking for this deck. Dark, powerful villains are also searching...

Play Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power, save the world while enjoying an exciting mix of hidden object puzzles and solitaire!

Flowery Vale

Flowery Vale is a match 3 garden fantasy where you must gather flowers for your sweetheart. Lose yourself in the stunning beauty of nature as you gather daisies, roses and more in order to decorate your girlfriend's cabin in the woods. Fill baskets with certain blossoms before time runs out, produce a set number of combos or create a certain number of explosions.

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Sep 17, 2021